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Looking for premium teens and clones for sale in San Jose? You have come to the right place. We have the best selection of teens and clones for sale around and we deliver rooted healthy plants to licensed cultivators all over San Jose! Check out our clones for sale.
Hemp Plant Nursery was established and is currently the largest cannabis nursery in San Jose with the largest selection of clones for sale. Our wide sqft location is home to tens of thousands of plants and over hundred of the most desired cannabis strains around.

Choose the Best Clones for Sale
Diving into our fascinating strain menu of marijuana clones for sale can make you wonder about which plants are right for you. If you do not know how to choose then don’t worry. We are here to help.
Our strong cannabis strains range from dominant Indica strains to Sativa strains for relaxing or energetic effects as well as a couple of exotic strains and many varieties in between. Buy marijuana clones safely knowing the expected strain that you are getting.

We offer marijuana clones, Seeds and Cuts with verified cannabis genetics. All the varieties of marijuana clones provided were added after flowering seeds in which the best genetics were picked out and desired phenotypes preserved.

Perfect Place for Buy Clones in San Jose
The success of our collective results from a simple technique of acquiring the most potent cannabis strains for marijuana clones patients and cannabis breeders alike. Hemp Plant Nursery have been the best source of marijuana clones for sale and cannabis seeds in San Jose consistently the last several years.

Hemp Plant Nursery only carries easily identifiable, stable genetics. We offer feminized, Indica, Pure Genetics Sativa and Hybrid Marijuana Clones and Cannabis Seeds so that you can start your legal medical grow from various stages of development. Begin your marijuana clones treatment now.

Forget all the inconvenience of trying to find cannabis clones for sale on Craigslist or Weedmaps. We are among the top clone nurseries in San Jose. We only work with verified cannabis genetics and we will deliver cannabis plants anywhere in San Jose. We verify every marijuana clones plant before shipping and you will be able to check them perfectly upon delivery.

We have the most professional and easy platform to buy clones online. Do not be deceived by gimmick websites with random lists of marijuana strains and no information.

After you have decided which strains of our marijuana clones for sale you want please choose the teen and clone size and quantity. Add your address details and if you have any order entry please let us know. You won't be charged on our website at any time. You will only pay with cash upon delivery.

Did we already mention that we can deliver anywhere in San Jose? Yes! Whether anywhere you are in San Jose or any other city, we have got you covered. Simply choose your favorite cannabis strains and get them safely and intelligently at your door.

Do You Want Cannabis Growing?
Starting your own cannabis grow can be a profuse experience but also an exciting one. The fact that you are looking for clones for sale in San Jose shows that you are off to a really good start. Buying cannabis seeds and waiting for them to grow can be defeated. Specially if they do not turn out to be the potent cannabis strains you were hoping for. Using marijuana clones for growth takes out a lot of the guessing and helps you ensure a top quality range of cannabis plants.

If you are an experienced or business grower, you can count on our flawless customer service to provide you with top-quality verified cannabis plants. Please contact or get in touch for wholesale pricing.

Don't worry if you do not feel experienced enough to buy marijuana clones in San Jose. Your order with us is safe as we have a transparent refund and replacement policy. You can check your cannabis plants upon delivery and if you are not satisfied with the product you have 24 hours to contact us.

How to take care properly of your clones?
As experienced growers, we are here to help at every footstep of the way. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer expert advice for cannabis plants. Our main tips for taking care of plants include the following.

The best way to be sure you are buying reputable marijuana clones for sale is by looking at reviews on each Google business listing to get credible feedback from real people. Such as, just take a look at the striking difference between The Hemp Plant Nursery and any one of our competitors in San Jose! We are not knocking these clone nurseries simply because they have yet to establish a hard reputation, we are just proud of our trail blazing serving the cannabis community.

How to Take Care of Your Plant
If you feel force to water your plant when you receive it just use filtered water from a spray bottle
In the first week, there is no need to nourish your clone. If you think it is really necessary, a light quarter suspension can go a long way.
Your plant is still a baby, you do not need to force it into the feed schedule of a mature plant
When you transfer your clone into the soil make sure you have great quality soil with the right levels of oxygen.


Q. How long can clones stay in cloner?

A. Normally, you need to leave clones for about a week at least before you can check whether they have started to root. You can do this by separating the humidity dome and leaving it off for a while, usually around 20 minutes plus to 2 hours plus.

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